Stone Ridge Landscapes proudly serves the Hudson Valley as one of the most in-demand landscaping companies in the region. More customers choose us because we work closely with clients just like you to turn ideas into realities.

We ensure that your input in the creative process is included every phase of the creation process. We provide complementary consulting on the type of landscaping for your home and how to get the most out of your budget.


Through our partnerships with local businesses and vendors, you’re sure to get great deals on materials and related services, as well as low-cost maintenance plans.

Quality landscaping and routine landscaping maintenance is proven to prolong the life and beauty of your property. We use proven long-term methods to improve and maintain your property’s look and value for the long run.
Landscaping maintenance
Careful planting in the garden ensures ongoing blooms and seasonal harvests.

We create ornamental gardens with high quality, hand-selected nursery stock, planted carefully to produce blossoming views throughout the seasons.