Designing your outdoor living space is like creating an extension of your home. It should reflect the needs of you and your family. (Or, of your prospective renters.) And it should integrate seamlessly into your property. There are endless options for custom design, and if you’re not sure of what you’d prefer, the option can seem almost overwhelming. You can have a full kitchen, or simply a bar; a grand outdoor living room, or an intimate dining space. Once you’re certain on the type of room you’d like, then comes the fun part — designing the backyard living room of your dreams.

Here are 8 custom-designed outdoor living spaces to inspire you.

Outdoor Living Rooms

The following outdoor spaces include luxury additions such as TVs, recessed lighting, and comforting fireplaces.

Courtesy of MDD Homes
Courtesy of Colorworks Studio
Courtesy of Prestige Builders

Outdoor Kitchens

Up your entertaining game by having a stunning outdoor kitchen crafted in your back yard. Include space for prep, cooking, and serving, or just create a bar to sip under the stars.

Courtesy of House Beautiful Trevor Tondro
Courtesy of Designs by Dawn
Courtesy of Kalamazoo Gourmet

For Small Yards

Even smaller spaces can still go big on luxury. Have an experienced landscape designer craft a hardscape that will leave you speechless: Gorgeous stone patios, simple dining spaces, elegant firepits, and more.

Courtesy of Kakar House of Design
Courtesy of Ettore Masonry

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