A relaxing, stylish outdoor living space provides you with a wonderful oasis for entertaining, or for just enjoying the outdoors. Plus, it can increase the value of your home. There are so many benefits to a professionally designed outdoor living space in your backyard. And there are so many options for designing one.

Here’s what to consider when planning your outdoor room.

What is an outdoor living room?

To begin, how do you define an outdoor living room? It’s an inviting space in your yard with a floor, seating, bar, fireplace, tabletop, storage island, or any other layout you can imagine. Simply put, it’s like an extension of your home that allows you to be surrounded by nature, and an extension of your yard that allows you to be in optimal comfort. In the past, a patio and barbecue grill in your yard was a nice setup to have. But now, homeowners are more sophisticated in their desires to spend time outside, without forgoing luxury.

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Where should my outdoor living space go?

One thing to consider is how close to the house your outdoor room should be. It’s nice to be near the house for proximity to bathrooms and other necessities. But do you want more privacy for guests? Do you want it near or far from kids room windows? Also, if you’d like to include a roof structure or pergola, you might want to make an extension from your back patio. But it’s up to you!

How big should an outdoor living room be?

This depends on your wishlist of items to include, and the amount of space your yard allows. If you’ve got plenty of open space, you can make your living room as big as you want. You can even include dividers to create a separate living space and kitchen area, if you’d like. For smaller yards, a cozy space with comfortable seating and a fireplace hardscaped with natural stone would look lovely and allow for year-round entertaining. If you create an outdoor kitchen, do you want just a grill with counter space, or do you want to include a sink and perhaps a small herb garden in a raised garden bed? The options are endless.

What materials are best for an outdoor living room?

It’s always wise to match the decor and exterior of your home. But you can choose from a variety of hardscaping options. Natural stone makes a beautiful, pulled-together look that’s long-lasting and durable. You can create a patio floor, fire pit, bar or counter, and even seating with natural stone. Pavers add a variety of textures and colors to your room. Create a mosaic design, herringbone floor, or other design of your dreams. LED lighting provides an elegant and efficient touch. And to finalize your room, add weather-resistant carpeting, furniture, patio pillows, candles, potted plants, and other design accents.

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