Your backyard should reflect you. It should be a place where you enjoy being; a sanctuary that reflects activities you love. If your yard is leaving you feeling uninspired, or worse, like going back inside, there are many ways to improve it. Truly, the options are endless. But here are five ideas to make your backyard an oasis.

Dream Backyard Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen

Courtesy of House Beautiful Trevor Tondro

If entertaining is a priority for you, an outdoor kitchen is a must. These beautifully designed outdoor rooms typically consist of space to prep, cook, and serve meals in a hardscaped, weather-proof design. Choose from natural stone, pavers, or other stonework options that complement your home’s decor. Decide which features you’d like; many homeowners opt for a space to install a grill, countertops, storage cabinets, and an island that can double as a bar area with barstools. You can also add a sink, fireplace, and elegant lighting.  

Backyard Pond

backyard recreation pond
Courtesy of Aquascape Inc.

Wouldn’t it be great if your outdoor kitchen overlooked a gorgeous natural backyard pond? Ponds are growing in popularity as an alternative to swimming pools.Enjoy the sights and sounds of a waterfall splashing down natural rocks into a self-filtering pond, perfect for relaxing beside or for wading right in. Sure, the investment up front is more than that of a pool, but you’ll see returns over time, as they require very little maintenance and improve your home’s aesthetic.


Smaller backyards that can’t fit a whole pond can still enjoy nature’s splendor with a pond-less waterfall. These freestanding falls can rise from your yard surrounded by lush foliage with a small pool of water below. Or, they can be built right into your yard if it has a natural slope or cliff. With or without a pond, waterfalls always add a “wow” factor to your yard.

Water Garden

These peaceful projects leave a lasting impression on all who enjoy them. Water gardens feature koi fish, filtering plants, and unique stonework for enhanced appeal. Not only is a water garden soothing to sit beside, but koi fish are family-friendly pets that clean their environment and live a long life.

Outdoor living room

If you want a stunning hardscaped area to comfortably enjoy time outside, but don’t need the kitchen, an outdoor living space is for you. Invite guests to sit beside a grand stone fireplace, or help themselves to a glass of wine from the natural stone bar. Add lovely lighting, cozy furniture, or even a TV so that you never miss your favorite sports teams. Some prefer to cover their outdoor living room with either a constructed ceiling or a pergola, while others prefer to have the open space for letting sunlight wash over them and stargazing at night.

What does your dream backyard look like?

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