What if you could transform your backyard into a luxury escape? Every day, you could wake up to the sort of dream landscape you see on TV or in movies. Imagine being able to walk outside and relax beside a gorgeous swimming pond or shimmering waterfall, then wading in before drying off beside a natural stone fire pit in your hardscaped outdoor living space, where later you’ll entertain guests over glasses of wine under the stars. 

We’ve mentioned before how recreation ponds are the ultimate in backyard luxury. But there are so many ways to make your pond truly stand out from the rest. Boost your landscape’s wow-factor with these

Beautiful Backyard Pond Ideas:

Add a show-stopping waterfall

Even the smallest waterfall serves its purpose. Waterfalls look lovely, create soothing sounds, and keep water clean and clear by moving it to prevent stagnation. But a grand waterfall, roaring over a wall of rock and splashing into the pond below, can add undeniable beauty comparable to what you’d find on a hike in the mountains. 

Lounge in an outdoor living space

Sure, you could  pop a few wooden Adirondack chairs alongside your pond for a relaxing way to enjoy the scenery, or even a bistro table on a stone patio for pond-side dining. If you truly want to treat yourself, your family, and your friends, consider adding an outdoor living space. You’ve got endless options when it comes to choosing your layout, with options including: fireplaces, fire pits, built-in stone seating, a bar, a kitchen, storage space, and more. (Interested in learning more about outdoor living spaces or outdoor kitchens? We offer these services, providing you with masterful stonework and beautiful design. Contact us!)

Photo courtesy Greenleaf Services Inc.

Include elegant lighting

Why limit yourself to enjoying your backyard water features only in the day time? Add eco-friendly LED lighting alongside your pond, or even under a waterfall, to accentuate your property’s best features after the sun goes down. Another option is to light a stone path that leads to your pond. That way, if you’d like to take an after-dinner stroll beside your peaceful pond or trickling waterfall, you’ll be able to do so safely.

At Stone Ridge Landscapes, we’re passionate about ponds. 

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