Ready to turn your dream landscape into a reality? Water features create scenic natural beauty for yards of all sizes. Yes, you can have a natural-looking brook, waterfall, or pond installed in your own backyard. Enjoy the soothing sounds of a winding brook that splashes into a waterfall. Or, enjoy the simple tranquility that a small water garden, or koi pond, provides. Splash around with your family or simply enjoy the sights of a backyard pond.

In this guide, we’ll discuss:

  • What is an Aquascape, or backyard water feature
  • What is a recreation pond
  • Design tips for backyard water features and ponds
  • Water features vs. pools: Which is a better investment?

The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Water Features in the Hudson Valley

What is an Aquascape, or backyard water feature?

Ponds, streams, brooks, waterfalls, and water gardens are all considered options for backyard water features, sometimes known as Aquascapes. These natural elements can be installed in your backyard by an experienced landscape design and construction team, so that they look  as natural as possible. Water features can include large backyard ponds with ample space for relaxing in or beside the water. But homeowners with small yards can enjoy the benefits of having a waterfall or a water garden installed. 

How do water features work?

A waterfall that’s not connected to a pond (simply known as a pond-less waterfall) recirculates water through a pump. Water flows down over natural rocks and various plants and into a reservoir before being transferred back up and over a spillway. This method gives a natural appearance. 

Water gardens are self-sustaining ecosystems that provide the soothing sights and sounds of running water and beautiful koi fish. Benefits include very little maintenance, an opportunity to enjoy raising koi fish; these bottom-feeders filter your water by eating tiny, unwanted microorganisms, and they have a long lifespan. 

Backyard ponds are also self-sustaining ecosystems that require very little upkeep. Having a backyard waterfall installed with your pond creates a mini paradise in your backyard. But waterfalls also help keep water fresh by preventing stagnation.

What is a recreation pond?

Recreation ponds are man-made ponds that look completely natural. Ponds provide a clean-yet-chemical-free way to enjoy the water in a stunning natural setting. The idea of having a pond installed on your property began in Europe a few years ago, gaining popularity here in the US. Homeowners look at it as a more natural, more beautiful way to enjoy scenic beauty without leaving home. Whether you wade in or sit beside the peaceful setting of cascading waterfalls and pools of water surrounded by natural rocks and filtering plants, you won’t want to leave.

Water features vs. pools: Which is a better investment?

It’s true; many homeowners are skipping traditional swimming pools and opting for a water feature to create their own natural backyard oasis. Recreation ponds don’t require the use of harsh chemicals that damage your skin, hair, and environment. Maintenance is easier, too—just skim your pond to remove debris. And unlike traditional swimming pools, you can enjoy the beauty of a water feature year round, if you’d like. Waterfalls can stay illuminated with elegant lighting, and the rock structures around your brook will look lovely capped in fresh snow. Plus, water features encourage local plants and songbirds to return to your yard, as these natural elements attract beautiful birds that keep away pests. 

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