Any outdoor space can be enhanced by a water feature, from peaceful water gardens with colorful koi fish, to babbling brooks with natural stone, to large-scale ponds with roaring waterfalls.

Although there are so many options to choose from, backyard ponds have seen a big resurgence in popularity. Many Hudson Valley homeowners want the peaceful oasis and stunning focal point that a pond provides. Some say it’s even like having your own private lake. An investment in a backyard pond pays for itself over time through low maintenance costs and potential home value increases. But these Aquascape water features also provide scenic, natural beauty you’d otherwise find among hiking trails or in botanical gardens.

Enjoy these stunning examples of backyard ponds with waterfalls:

Water Features for Small Spaces

Image courtesy of Rice’s Landscaping Redefined

Smaller yards can be completely transformed into natural oases with meticulous hardscape, beautiful and filtering plants, and a multi-level waterfall that trickles into a pond below.

Year-round Beauty

backyard recreation pond
Image courtesy of Aquascape Inc.

Follow a babbling brook along a winding stone path in your yard that ends with a grand finale of annual blooms and a rippling pond.

Backyard Waterfalls and Fireplaces Are A Perfect Pair

Image courtesy of Greenleaf Services Inc.

Waterfalls provide a lovely focal point and soothing soundtrack to your outdoor living space; pair a pond with natural stone hardscaped fireplace for undeniable wow-factor.

Koi Fish Protect Your Pond

Photo courtesy of Aquascape, Inc.

Colorful koi fish not only add tranquility to your backyard pond, but these bottom-feeders keep your water clean and clear.

A backyard waterfall installed with your pond can create a luxurious oasis. But it also helps to keep water fresh by preventing stagnation. Ponds with waterfalls that cascade into wading pools provide many additional benefits over typical swimming pools. For instance, by not using chemicals, you’re keeping yourself and the environment healthier. Plus, local flora and fauna begin to thrive. These natural elements attract beautiful songbirds and other wildlife that keep away pests. 

For those who enjoy entertaining, your yard will be the envy of your guests. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party in your outdoor living space, or simply relaxing, you’ll never want to leave your yard. 

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