We’ve mentioned before how an expertly installed backyard pond can increase your yard’s aesthetic and your property’s value. But there are so many other reasons why a recreation pond is a more practical, efficient, and of course, beautiful addition to your home, with cascading waterfalls and babbling brooks leading to a natural swimming pool.

Backyard Ponds Save Money Long-term

The up-front cost of a backyard pond is generally higher than that of a typical swimming pool. But it’s a long-term investment that saves you money over time. For one, you don’t need to continue buying chemicals and cleaners for your pond, like you would for a swimming pool. Instead, a pond is self-cleaning, for the most part; you will need to skim fallen leaves or other debris over time, but not much more. Also, you won’t need to worry about repairing tears and patches, loose tiles, or other pool wear-and-tear over the years.

Recreation Ponds Minimize Environmental Impact

A recreation pond is built right into your property, in a way that makes it look as though it was always there. That means, as little disturbance to your natural ecosystem as possible. If anything, it can boost your yard’s ecosystem, with the addition of beautiful natural rocks and plants that attract songbirds and other native wildlife. These animal visitors also help to remove unwanted pests, as they feed on bugs and insects.

Backyard Ponds Are Healthier For Your Family

This is one of the top reasons why homeowners are deciding to have a trained professional install a backyard recreation pond: It’s better for your family in many ways. Harsh pool chemicals can wreak havoc on your skin and hair, drying them out and affecting those who use hair color treatments. Instead of using chemicals that are dangerous if handled inappropriately, a backyard pond is a self-sustaining ecosystem. That means it filters itself through motion, plants, and fish (should you choose to add them). Waterfalls and running streams are peaceful and inviting as water features, but they also serve the purpose of keeping water moving. Still water can build algae. Plants filter out any additional residue and koi fish, which are bottom-feeders, can keep the floor of your pond clean.

Backyard Ponds Provide Year-round Enjoyment

When summer ends, if you have a swimming pool, you have to go through the burdonsome process of closing out the pool each year. And there it sits, an unused eyesore, until the weather finally warms up again in May or June. But with a recreation pond, you can enjoy an exquisite scene year-round. Keep your pond flowing through autumn and into winter, if you’d like. When the snow begins to fall and temperatures drop, it’ll look lovely as it gently slopes down the rocks and dormant plant life to a frozen pond below. Talk about a winter wonderland!

If you’re ready to talk to a trained professional about having your own backyard recreation pond installed, give us a call or message us today!