Imagine stepping outside of your home and being greeted by a stunning backyard oasis. There’s a trickling stream that becomes a cascading waterfall, spilling into your very own pond. You can step into the water and relax surrounded by thriving plants and natural rocks. Singing birds fly nearby. It’s a feast for your senses, yet you can’t help but feel calm in this setting. As your cares slip away, you still can’t believe you have all of this amazing natural beauty right at home. 

backyard recreation pond
Image courtesy of Aquascape Inc.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Having a recreation pond in your yard can be like having your own private lake. A peaceful, natural-looking pond is not only ideal for relaxing, bird watching, or meditation, but also for fun and entertainment. Splashing around with your family and friends in a backyard pond is healthier than a typical swimming pool, given that no harsh chemicals are used to clean the water; it’s a naturally filtering system. That means the water is better for your skin and hair, and for the environment, too. 

Backyard Ponds for Entertaining

Outdoor living becomes next-level luxury when you can entertain guests at your outdoor kitchen and bar while their meal is being prepared and cooked, and then dine beside the pond for a stunning backdrop to your meal. (Want to learn more about outdoor kitchen and other outdoor living rooms? See our recent post about them.) Your pond becomes a stunning conversation piece as your guests take it all in with awe.

You might be wondering: How do backyard ponds work?

It’s simple: Unlike ponds that you’d find in the wild, algae won’t build up in your recreation pond because water is kept in motion, thanks to flowing streams and those stunning waterfalls. Plus, strategically placed plants filter the water, and f you decide to keep koi fish in your pond, they help to clean the ecosystem, too. Those pretty songbirds mentioned earlier? They are attracted to how natural your pond looks, and in return, keep bugs and pests at bay.

You can learn more about how recreation ponds work in our post here.

Backyard Pond Installation for Hudson Valley Homes

Are you ready to increase your backyard’s beauty and value by installing a recreation pond? Contact us for a quote. We’ll determine your property’s needs and work with you to create that dreamy oasis you’ve always wanted.