Imagine relaxing alongside a gentle mountain stream, hearing the cascading water flow over smooth rocks into a gentle pool. Now, imagine that relaxing oasis existed right in your backyard. 

You don’t have to live among the mountains to have your own little paradise outside your doorstep. Backyard water features, sometimes referred to as backyard aquascapes, are the solution; yes, you can have a natural-looking brook, waterfall, or pond installed in your own backyard.

Water features make a beautiful impact no matter the size of your landscape. A winding brook that splashes into a grand waterfall makes for a phenomenal display in large yards. A small water garden, or koi pond, provides a peaceful place for meditation that can be viewed right from your patio or outside your living room window.

Backyard water features for small yards.

Smaller yards can add a big wow-factor by having a pond-less waterfall installed. Because these are popular options for yards with limited space, one idea is to add a gentle brook or a rushing waterfall. And, if there’s space for a pond, one can always be added later. Here’s our post on everything you need to know about backyard ponds.

What’s the benefit of a waterfall, beyond backyard serenity? Waterfalls attract all sorts of birds and interesting wildlife. Plus they’re low maintenance and energy-efficient. You can even have one installed in the front yard as a truly unique way to welcome guests to your home or rental.

How do water features work?

A pond-less waterfall recirculates water by using a pump that brings water from an underground reservoir up and through a spillway. This allows water to flow back down over natural rocks and various plants and into the reservoir. The stream is safe and efficient, and it looks completely natural — guests will assume it’s always been a part of the landscape.

Water gardens are self-sustaining ecosystems that provide the soothing sights and sounds of running water and beautiful koi fish. Because water gardens require only a small amount of maintenance, they make a great addition to a busy household. And they provide an opportunity to have koi fish as pets; koi filter your water by eating tiny, unwanted microorganisms, plus they can live for decades. 

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