If you have a sloped backyard, a retaining wall can help with more than just supporting your yard’s soil. It can also add a unique touch of beauty to your landscape. Here are some tips for designing a retaining wall that’s functional and beautiful.

What is a retaining wall?

To put it simply, a retaining wall “retains” soil; it prevents soil from falling forward. It can be made from various materials, but the goal is always the same: Hold soil back from running into the rest of the yard. This allows for better rainwater drainage, more usable space, and a level landscape.

Do I need a retaining wall?

Common problems for sloped backyards include soil erosion and water runoff. 

Erosion happens over time, as rain falls and degrades a hill. Besides eroding the soil, rainwater can flow downhill and gather at the bottom of a slope, creating flooding problems. This can be detrimental to your home if water pools too close to your foundation. 

Retaining wall design tips for sloped backyards

Decide your materials

Popular retaining wall materials are natural stone, pavers, and wood. With natural stone, your retaining wall will look organic and natural, as though iit fits right in with the landscape. Pavers provide a multitude of colors and textures, including the look of limestone, slate, or granite. Wood retaining walls are often less expensive and give your yard a rustic feel that can blend in with raised garden beds.

Add functional elements

A classic wooden staircase can allow quick, safe access from the top of your yard to the bottom of the slope. Gorgeous natural stone can be used to create a natural-looking stepstone path with large, organically shaped steps. Or, create a stairway with edged bluestone, colorful pavers, and other hardscape materials. 

Think Big and Increase your yard’s beauty 

Transform your backyard into an oasis by adding water features and aquascapes to your retaining wall structure. Sloped yards are ideal for adding a trickling stream and cascading waterfall. Imagine the peaceful sounds of a backyard stream running over the edge of your retaining wall into a small pond or brook. To turn create a truly stunning landscape, include a naturally filtering recreation pond large enough to turn your yard into a private escape.

A retaining wall is an important structure, but it can increase your property’s aesthetic and value. And with the right design, a sloped backyard doesn’t have to be a nuisance. The options are endless. Contact us today for a quote.